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Inspired Tarot Practice attempts to utilize the brain’s own ability to facilitate decision making…

Practicing The Tarot…

My Philosophy Hello, my name is min. I’ve been practicing tarot reading since 2001. I am (basically) a Christian, and I am an ordained/ credentialed minister certified to perform marriages in the state of California. However, my spirituality is open and I am also currently an Adept-level Priestess.

I incorporate a variety of beliefs into my practice such as new age/metaphysics, eastern philosophies, and Wicca (white magic) in my general approach.


In Northern California, I trained as a psychic at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and, subsequent to the closing of the O.L.O.E. Seminary, became a member of an international order of High Priestesses where I am now studying to become certified.

I have an MBA and am currently pursuing a doctoral degree. I also hold degrees in social science, early childhood education, and the arts. I have worked and been trained as a volunteer counselor in various fields, such as suicide prevention and personal health crisis.