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Tarot By Tavaglione & Sola Busca Tarot Cards

So the research for my next book on tarot begins! I’m using two new decks: Sola Buscas and Stairs of Gold, and (after I warm them up) I’m thinking about using

them mainly for finance-related concerns.  The Stairs of Gold Tarot is really different, starting with the design of the cards, which is quite foreign looking or something; kind of hairy or furry in a way (?). It’s entirely deific and I sense the energy of some sudden, life-changing spiritual experience. However, at the same time, I’m finding the instructions rather technical at the moment. SOG may also be the (sexiest) deck I’ve ever had. Time for a refreshing glass of Moon Water with cubes…

UPDATE: <Temporary hold> Timeline for Tarot For Finance has changed. Will coordinate this book/research with the completion of my doctorate.

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