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I am wondering how the 4 of Cups in the Stairs of Gold deck became this huge transcendent blessing for writers and poets yet remains a bout of boredom and displeasure for everyone else. “Cleobulus (one of the 7 Sages of Athens). Symbol of the strength of written reflection :  (  and the inconceivable. It goes down from there but still, I am happy to have pulled the 4 of Cups today!

From Wikipedia: “Cleobulus is also said to have studied philosophy in Egypt. He had a daughter, Cleobulina, who found fame as a poet, composing riddles in hexameter verse. There is a stone tumulus on the northern headland of Lindos bay, which is sometimes called the “Tomb of Cleobulus”. An asteroid, 4503 Cleobulus, discovered in 1989, is named for him. Cleobulus apparently wrote lyric poems, as well as riddles in verse.


I am a brazen maiden lying here
Upon the tomb of Midas. And as long
As water flows, as trees are green with leaves,
As the sun shines and eke the silver moon,
As long as rivers flow, and billows roar,
So long will I upon this much wept tomb,
Tell passers by, “Midas lies buried here.””

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